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Texturing and re-framing images is something all film & digital photographers do to create a more dynamic image when they can't be created via analog cameras.  In my new texture pack 2 I focus on bringing analog polaroid and film texture frames from a wide variety of cameras to your finger tips to allow you to give your images a more creative aesthetic. This new series of creative texture packs for photo & video will not only set your images apart from everyone else out there trying to do this through software or apps, but it will also evolve your skill set and dynamic range in creativity.

This is a pre-sale discount price, the pack will release on September 15th and no longer be on sale then. Purchase early and get the next pack that's releasing in November FREE! That's two for one!!

Pack 2 comes with the following:

50 Texturized Polaroid Frames - (PNG Hi-Rez files)

50 Film Textures (35mm) - (PNG Hi-Rez files)

(NOTE - Digital download will be sent once it releases on Sept.15th, 2022)

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